Granite Island Sculpture Park

Granite Islands natural features leaves a timeless inspirational footprint with a visual language that expends ideas for young and old. The formations take us to something new.
The ancient glaciers sculpted and molded our hills, valleys and our island monumental forms as they defy our inherent aspirations that come naturally to the fore and in question.
As Art Questions ….
Art Transcends Borders….
Art Moves….
As sculpture is a universal visual language expanding our ideas and views.
An overall integrated  responsible approach for an upgrade after years of neglect, sanctions a priority of a creative functional quest. An art-park providing the experience in design, a transmission outside the traditional.  With aiming gestures based on visual and physical stimulus as a place of provenance.
Our seating  --  shelters and convenience’s to be primary sculptural designs.A focus on their function and use engages visual interest.
The design ramifications without doubt will be valued by the  general public with a wide praise for creative content.  (A unique start for an upgrade of our sculptural park proposal).The D’Art Team will put themselves to the test by seeking a state of disciplines at the outset.  As this type of planning could be called excessive nevertheless triggering modernist silence and giving voice to the experience of a world class sculpture park.
The New Subjective
This 21st century sculpture park feature is to include an element of re-assessing the achievements of our sculptural past a paradoxical idea to re-claim social potency and status.
In 1961 the first exhibition of contemporary Australian sculpture was staged in the rural city of Mildura.
A great deal has happened since then: Universities and colleges currently include sculpture study courses in Australian Art.
South Australia a leader in past tense, is about to embark on the world stage in 2020 bringing sculpture to the fore on an island environment by introducing aspirations of Man and Nature as a source of subject matter in a unique place.
It’s a call for sculptural expression to creators, for individual original, unfettered creativity.  As sculpture confronts invades, articulates gives value to our environment by introducing aspirations of our human and spiritual dimensions.
To create is to transform what exists in the outer world
By uniting it with the world of
Sensation, Imagination and Faith

Over the Years may successful Sculptural walks and Parks have been achieved

This could be the first Island Sculpture Park

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