Be Informed and Empowered

My Belief, 2017

If you are community minded and care for our future generation aim to be part of a socially smart city.


Thus: A comprehensive view in fostering human contacts building social connections that provide meaningful positive interactions.


These will be our strengths when we come together for a moment in order to focus on what is needed for the good of our city and region in the long term.


For these outcomes and shared understandings about what we hold in common will represent the strengths that bind us together as citizens of Victor Harbor.


We don’t normally expect art to strengthen these shared social values. “Art is the Colour and Joy in our World”. That provides collaboration with a creative region alliance. An incubator you could say, supporting initiatives to establish a start-up for the city of Victor Harbor, creating potentials and business success for our traders.


A simple idea that our tourist’s could be investing in, the arts is what will make us a clever civilised and enlightened community with foresight.


I boldly defend this concept, if we don’t spend money on the arts it would make us a culturally void city.


As from my perspective’s and observations, look at our immediate surroundings, Goolwa – Port Elliot – Middleton – Yankalilla – Normanville. These are small communities that you enter with a smile, neat and tidy , providing a unique sense of belonging and diversity.


However, directly in front of me is Victor Harbor, a city grasping for commercialism,

In a place like nowhere else.


A city that has had no arts policy – a city that has no advertising policy.


In my Opinion, a city administration lost in direct policies and directions.


Who is to blame? Let’s not go down that path – don’t think, just dream of an idealisation that was openly developed and presented which animates me now.


To express the vision as a Grand Gesture was only the beginning of a Great Creation.  My art work is just a means of seeing and caring, for a great work of art is never finished, only abandoned and that is not going to happen. 

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